"Grab-an-Egg!" {Fun Review Game}

Hi!  Well - it happened last night.  The first grill of the season.  It might have been 39 degrees outside, but the sun was shining and we decided to go for it.  It was fabulous and it made me feel like summer was just around the corner.  Now if I could just get the mint in my backyard to start growing, then I could begin making mojitos and THEN it will be summer :)

Anyways - I want to tell you about a fun game we played in Sunday school this weekend.  The kids LOVED it!

I call it "Grab-an-Egg" (feel free to come up with a better game title)  I bought a set of 12 eggs for $1.99 each and on each egg I wrote one word for a Bible verse that I wanted my kids to learn.

Word to the wise:  tape the eggs close - this game can get pretty "physical" and you don't want egg parts flying when the grabbing gets going -haha!

To play:  place all the eggs in the centers of 3-5 students.  (If your whole class is playing at the same time, create several sets of the eggs.  We had two groups going, so I had to make 2 sets of the Bible verse.)

On a PowerPoint I had create several slides with the same Bible verse written out, omitting one word at a time:

 The students raced (and I mean RACED with conviction!) to grab the egg that had the missing word on it.

That's when the fun part happens.  :)  We checked the answer by revealing the missing word on the PPT.

The winner of that round gets a jelly bean to put in the points up.

 Let me tell you, these kids had memorized this Bible verse by the end of the game, that's for sure.  Mission accomplished :)

Now, if you don't teach in a religious school, you can use this game for:

1) math facts: put the answer on the egg, call out the math problem and have students race to find the answer egg.
2) vocabulary words: write a vocab word on an egg, write definitions on slips of paper and place in baggie.  Pick a definition strip to read aloud and have students race to find the vocabulary word.

The list can go on and on!  Got any ideas?  Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Happy Tuesday!

Weekly Game Plan :: 3/29

 It's gonna be April this week!  I wish I could say that the flowers are starting to pop up, but instead mother nature decided to give us some more snow this weekend.  

The teachers around here are on spring break, but I know many of you have already had yours.  Hopefully you're planning lots of fun spring-y things to do this week.  Maybe a few Easter activities have made it into your plan book?  

Here are my blogging and product plans for the week:
 I can't wait to share with you this super high-energy game we are playing in Sunday School today!  I'm gonna tell you how you can adapt it to your classroom for any skill or topic! {PS - I promise this is the last egg game I'll share this year :)}

Still pluggin' away at my Because of Winn-Dixie novel unit.  I wish I could say I made huge progress last week, but that would be lying.  I don't like to lie :)  Side note:  isn't that clip art adorable? It's by Educlips - love her work!

#3?  Let's see if I can get through #1 and #2 first.  But I do have have this cute clip art that I just snagged for free from Krista Wallden during her Spring Palooza celebration that I've put on the back burner.  I'm thinking maybe a cute writing center activity?  Got any other ideas?

How are your weekly plans shaping up?  Here's to a good week ahead!

Friday Faves :: 3/27

Wahoo!  Friday, I've missed you.  Since this coming week is the week before Easter, I thought I'd feature some fun Easter-themed ideas and tips that I found this week.

How cute are these little bunny juice boxes?  They'd be great for a fun Friday snack this coming week!

This center game is perfect for this week!  You can even get the recording sheet for free here.

Check out TONS of ideas for using plastic eggs {are you sensing a themed yet?) from the Fun in First blog.  There's something for every grade level!  I especially love the "What's in My Egg" idea that you can snag for free.  Check it out!

Or how about a graphing activity? {another freebie!}:

This next activity has a lot of potential.  As shown, it's just for matching the number of bird feathers (clothes pins) to the right bird, which would be great for little kiddos.  But to make it appropriate for older kiddos, why not put multiplication products on the bird and then write the multiplication problem on the clothes pins for students to match up?

And finally - I LOVE how many people have linked up to my Spring Linky Party from earlier this week.  There are a lot of great resources there, as well!  Head over and check it out!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Spring-Time Games {A Linky Party}

Won't you come to my party?  My Spring Linky Party, that is :)

It's time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves in this never-ending winter weather and create our own spring-fling.  What do you say?

Do you have a spring-themed activity to share?  Bloggers and TpT/TN sellers - I'd love for you to link up a fun game or activity that you've created to share with everyone to help lift our spirits.  It can be for any subject, skill, or grade level.

Here's How to Participate:
1)  Choose a spring themed product to share with us {free or paid}

2)  At the bottom of this post link up by pasting the URL of where we can find that product.  It can be a link directly to the product on your TpT/TN store (no store home-pages please!), or a URL to a blog post featuring that product.  If you are linking to your blog, please grab my button code on the right hand side of this blog and place it somewhere in your post to invite your readers to come check out all the link-ups. (You are also welcome to grab the banner at the top of this post to place on your blog post as well). Link up as many games and activities as you'd like.

3)  Come on back to this post and see what everyone has shared!

That's it! pretty simple right?  I'm hope you'll join me.  I'm linking up a few things myself:

My "Spring Time Roll and Cover" for addition and multiplication (which can be found in my math game archives under addition and multiplication):
My "Bunny Number Match" for primary kiddos:
And my "Spring Themed Math Journal Prompts:"

I hope you'll add to the list!  The link up will be open until the end of the month!

Prepping for National Poetry Month

Yup.  April is coming.  Sunshine will return. And with it we will celebrate National Poetry Month.

Do you celebrate National Poetry Month in your classroom?  I loved teaching poetry.  There are so many different things you can do with it, read it, write it, and of course, my favorite: play games about it! :)

Perhaps you can snag some of my old poetry games and resources (if you haven't already) AND grab this brand-spanking new one I just made this morning.

{while this was going on in the background}
{Clara likes to empty out any and every drawer she can get her hands on...}

Poetry Mini Unit
This first product was one of my very first products posted on TpT and it has remained a top seller (currently #3).
It includes a mini bulletin board set, student activity sheets to analyze a poem as well as graphic organizers to help them write their own poetry.  

The next three are freebies that I've created that include fun games to help your students practice different poetry skills.  You gotta check them out:

Poetry Discussion Spinner
When you tell your students to have a discussion about poetry (or anything for that matter) you sometimes get the "blink-blink" blank stares.  So, I created this spinner to help get the discussion flowing.  It worked great with my students and I hope it does for yours too!  You can grab it by clicking the picture above.  It's also always available under "poetry" in my literacy games archives.

Poetry Elements
I created this game to give students a chance to review their knowledge of poetry elements.  This makes for a perfect individual literacy center.  Find it for free right here!

And the newest one I've created:  a fun board game for students to practice telling the difference between metaphors and similes.
Turned out cute, right?  It's my newest upload onto TpT and can be downloaded for free here!

I hope at least one of these catches your eye :).  Let me know if you give them a try in the comments below.

Weekly Game Plan :: 3/22

You guys.  It snowed this morning.  Like enough to cover the ground. Not cool.

How was your weekend?  I felt a little under the weather yesterday and today, so it was pretty low key.  I even took a nap after church today.  That NEVER happens.  It. felt. glorious.

Got your plans all ready for the week?  Here are mine:

I'm starting a new novel unit:  Because of Winn-Dixie.  Have you read this book?  So cute!  It reminds me a lot of Shiloh.  I hope to spend a good chunk of time working on it this week.  I've had a LOT of people request that I do this unit, so stay tuned!

April is national poetry month.  This week I'll be working on a post to feature some fun poetry activities and games to help get you ready!

Got a spring-themed game to share?  This week I'll be hosting a fun spring linky party for you to link up a game or center that fellow CGN readers can use in their classroom.  Maybe if we join forces with our spring games, we can drive out winter for good (NO MORE SNOW.  Thanks.)

Oh yeah - and speaking of spring, don't forget, you have until the end of the day today to take 20% off everything in my TpT store during my spring savings event.

Got any grand plans for the week?  I'd love for you to share them in the comments below.