Target Dollar Bin Games

Let's just admit one thing.  There is a gravitational pull to the dollar bin area when you walk into any Target store.  No matter what, if you are a teacher, you can not resist the temptation to look at the dollar bins.  And you know what?  Target is on to us.  Because now, instead of everything being a dollar, there are now THREE dollars bins.  Target is playing with our addiction and taking advantage of us.  But, if we're being honest.  We let them.

I recently experienced this gravitational pull when I was in Target last, and I'm not even teaching in the classroom anymore.  It's just in my nature now.  I loved looking through the bins anyways and found some really great gems that can be turned into classroom games for $3 or less!

I mean.  Is there anything you CAN'T do with adorable tins and bins?  Aside for being great for holding small game pieces and materials at  your centers, here are some other great ways to use small bins for classroom games.  Tip:  When you see cute bins in the Target dollar bin, BUY {Several of} THEM!  I promise you'll find a uses for them later :)

You gotta check back often, Target puts out cute new bins with each season!

Dry erase boards can be another all-purpose resource in your classroom.  Place them at your centers for students to use when they need space to work out math problems, or practice handwriting.  Students think they are SO much cooler than writing on paper!

I was shocked at how many great options they had for flash cards this time!  There were flash cards for addition, subtraction, money, multiplication, division, and even flags!  There are so many things you can do with flash cards.

You can play "Quiz-Quiz-Trade" with flash cards as well.  Give each student in your classroom a flash card.  Each student walks around the room to find a partner and quizzes their partner with their card.  The students then trade cards and go find another partner.

Love these magnetic letters for $1!!  I love this idea from Pinterest

And then there's the mini pocket charts.  I may or may not have had an obsession with the mini pocket chart.  I literally could NOT stop buying them!  Here are some ways to use them for games in your classroom:


And finally, if you can splurge for the $3 items in the Target bin, then be sure to pick up this money pouch set!

So - moral of the story.  Go to the Target dollar bin.  Games are waiting to happen :)

More Love From TpT!

Hi, Hi, Hi!

I've got great news!  We have just learned that TpT is having another Back to School sale TOMORROW ONLY!  This is good news because I don't know about you, but I didn't have enough time to check out all my favorite sellers' stores during the sale earlier this month before the sale ended!  Phew!  There's still time to get those resources that you may have missed the first time around.

I will be offering 20% off anything in my store (INCLUDING BUNDLES <---save HUGE!).  Be sure to enter in the PROMO CODE:  MORE15 to save even more.

Happy sale-ing :)

Summertime, Game Time {FINAL WEEK!}

Happy Friday!  I know for a lot of you, this is your last weekend of summer!  So hard to believe! Today also marks the last surprise game freebie of the summer (womp, womp).  All good things must come to and end.  No worries though, I've got some fun things planned for the fall!

But let's not focus on the sad stuff...let's focus on the freebie game that's available now for week 8!  Click the picture below to get it while it's hot!

And of course for you, my lovelies, an exclusive blog reader freebie!  Check it out:

Enjoy the weekend!

Ten on Ten {August}

Hey all!  It's that time of the month again where I am sharing 10 pictures on the 10th of the month.  These pics reflect my life as of current.  I'd love for you to link up as well and share 10 on 10 over on your blogs as well!

Here are mine:

Your turn!
Here are the rules to participate:
1)  Choose ten pictures that show your readers what's been going on in your life lately (back to school prep, summertime wrap-up...etc...).  The pictures can be both teacher and non-teacher related.
2)  Place the pictures in post on the tenth of each month. You can include a small caption with each picture if you'd like.  You must include my blog button (found on my side bar) somewhere in your post)
3)  Come to the Classroom Game Nook and link up your post to the linky party.  Check out other bloggers who have linked up and leave a comment or two on their blogs to share the love!

Go ahead - link up :)

Summertime, Game Time {Week 7}

Happy Friday!  It's been a great week here!  I had the perfect mix of work and play and feel like I am finally making good progress on my civil war unit (will be up soon!!!).  Winning.

We are almost at the finish line for "Summertime, Game Time."  How are we at week 7 already?  Next week will be out last week.  Thanks for playing with me all summer!  Here is your week 7 surprise game!

And don't forget to grab your blog reader exclusive!

Have a great weekend!

Love Back to School Sale Begins!

There's only one reason I have this big grin on my face this morning :)

I've got my wishlist ready to be checked off!  How about you? Now's the time to seal the deal on your back to school resources, and get them at a discounted price!

Here are some items from my store that are great for Back to School prepping:

These next two products make great birthday gifts to give your students throughout the year.  If you make them up at the beginning of the year then you're always ready to go when a birthday comes along!

And the biggest bang for your buck:

My bundle sets are already at a major discount and you can get even more during the sale!  Save anywhere between $12-$26 off the original list price!  Talk about saving HOURS and HOURS of work this year!

And finally, if you're still deciding on what theme to do for your classroom, I've got 10 suggestions for you:

{click any slide to see more details about the theme}

Each theme is packed with printables, posters, and other classroom decor to get your classroom ready for your students!

Happy Saving!