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Using Cootie Catchers for Reading Comprehension

I mean...why WOULDN'T you use cootie catchers in your reading block?  It makes perfect sense.

Ok -  remember last week how I was talking about doing a little spring cleaning with some of my TpT resources?  Well, I did a little spring cleaning in my file folders on my computer as well.  Yikes.  Now THAT'S a bit of a rabbit hole.  I got in a little deeper than I wanted to, but I figured I might as well finish the job.  I got rid of a lot (a LOT) of cringe worthy products that just didn't make the cut anymore, and I got some major organizing done as well.

BUT - you know what I found?  THIS >>>
It's a reading comprehension cootie catcher that I TOTALLY forgot I made!  And since it resurfaced for me - I thought I'd resurface it for you!  I'm sure I made it for you guys in the first place, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere on the blog.

There's actually 3 different versions.  They have different comprehension questions that can be used with any fictional book.  They work great as a quick partner review game.  You can download them here!

Find any long-lost things in your spring cleaning, lately?

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Force and Motion FREEBIE Game

Have you been doing any spring cleaning?

I certainly have - but not in my house.  I've been doing some MAJOR spring cleaning of some of my resources on TpT.  If you've been over to my store lately, you may notice things looks a little different.  And in the process, a lot of my older, shall I say "well loved" resources got a little face-lift.

I recently redid my Force and Motion unit.  My unit includes a review game and I thought I'd share it all with you.  (Teacher Appreciation Week may be over, but I'm still passin' out the love!)

Click below to download it.  I'll also be adding it to my science game archives for quick, anytime access.

And - if you're in search on a complete unit on Force and Motion (& Simple Machines), then I've got you covered.  Introducing the new and improved unit:


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Reading Responses Made Easy

Need a quick (and FUN!) way to have your students respond to their reading?

Well - it can be as easy as a roll of the die.

You may have remembered a few weeks ago when I told you about an easy way to help your students to get creative in their writing:  Roll and Write.

Well, let's roll that fun (ha, get it, roll?) right into reading with "Read and Roll"

Each number on the die represents a different type of response task - making it easy for the students to know what to include in their responses and easy for you to set this up and let it run itself.  The responses are relatively quick for the students to complete in one sitting.

You can snag this "Roll and Read" for free on TpT.

Now, if you want to take it a step further with some more involved reading responses, then you may want to check out one of my latest resources on TpT - Reading Choice Boards:

I made these as part of the Teacher Appreciation Week last week over on The Classroom Nook (The Classroom Game Nook's sister-blog), and now they are available on TpT.

In this game-like response activity, students can choose which activity they would like to complete from each row.  The types of activities are strategically placed on the grid so that students will pick at least one writing response (row 1), one craft-y type response (row 2), and one critical thinking response (row 3).

In addition to the choice boards themselves, the resource also include the activity sheets that go along with the activities on the board.
You can see all the details on TpT.

How are your students responding to their reading?  Do you have a system set in place, or do you change it up often?

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