Using Cootie Catchers for Reading Comprehension

I mean...why WOULDN'T you use cootie catchers in your reading block?  It makes perfect sense.

Ok -  remember last week how I was talking about doing a little spring cleaning with some of my TpT resources?  Well, I did a little spring cleaning in my file folders on my computer as well.  Yikes.  Now THAT'S a bit of a rabbit hole.  I got in a little deeper than I wanted to, but I figured I might as well finish the job.  I got rid of a lot (a LOT) of cringe worthy products that just didn't make the cut anymore, and I got some major organizing done as well.

BUT - you know what I found?  THIS >>>
It's a reading comprehension cootie catcher that I TOTALLY forgot I made!  And since it resurfaced for me - I thought I'd resurface it for you!  I'm sure I made it for you guys in the first place, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere on the blog.

There's actually 3 different versions.  They have different comprehension questions that can be used with any fictional book.  They work great as a quick partner review game.  You can download them here!

Find any long-lost things in your spring cleaning, lately?

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