Love Back to School Sale Begins!

There's only one reason I have this big grin on my face this morning :)

I've got my wishlist ready to be checked off!  How about you? Now's the time to seal the deal on your back to school resources, and get them at a discounted price!

Here are some items from my store that are great for Back to School prepping:

These next two products make great birthday gifts to give your students throughout the year.  If you make them up at the beginning of the year then you're always ready to go when a birthday comes along!

And the biggest bang for your buck:

My bundle sets are already at a major discount and you can get even more during the sale!  Save anywhere between $12-$26 off the original list price!  Talk about saving HOURS and HOURS of work this year!

And finally, if you're still deciding on what theme to do for your classroom, I've got 10 suggestions for you:

{click any slide to see more details about the theme}

Each theme is packed with printables, posters, and other classroom decor to get your classroom ready for your students!

Happy Saving!