Target Dollar Bin Games

Let's just admit one thing.  There is a gravitational pull to the dollar bin area when you walk into any Target store.  No matter what, if you are a teacher, you can not resist the temptation to look at the dollar bins.  And you know what?  Target is on to us.  Because now, instead of everything being a dollar, there are now THREE dollars bins.  Target is playing with our addiction and taking advantage of us.  But, if we're being honest.  We let them.

I recently experienced this gravitational pull when I was in Target last, and I'm not even teaching in the classroom anymore.  It's just in my nature now.  I loved looking through the bins anyways and found some really great gems that can be turned into classroom games for $3 or less!

I mean.  Is there anything you CAN'T do with adorable tins and bins?  Aside for being great for holding small game pieces and materials at  your centers, here are some other great ways to use small bins for classroom games.  Tip:  When you see cute bins in the Target dollar bin, BUY {Several of} THEM!  I promise you'll find a uses for them later :)

You gotta check back often, Target puts out cute new bins with each season!

Dry erase boards can be another all-purpose resource in your classroom.  Place them at your centers for students to use when they need space to work out math problems, or practice handwriting.  Students think they are SO much cooler than writing on paper!

I was shocked at how many great options they had for flash cards this time!  There were flash cards for addition, subtraction, money, multiplication, division, and even flags!  There are so many things you can do with flash cards.

You can play "Quiz-Quiz-Trade" with flash cards as well.  Give each student in your classroom a flash card.  Each student walks around the room to find a partner and quizzes their partner with their card.  The students then trade cards and go find another partner.

Love these magnetic letters for $1!!  I love this idea from Pinterest

And then there's the mini pocket charts.  I may or may not have had an obsession with the mini pocket chart.  I literally could NOT stop buying them!  Here are some ways to use them for games in your classroom:


And finally, if you can splurge for the $3 items in the Target bin, then be sure to pick up this money pouch set!

So - moral of the story.  Go to the Target dollar bin.  Games are waiting to happen :)