Weekly Game Plan :: 3/9

Hi friends!
Hope your week is off to a great start!  So - let me ask you a question:  How are your New Years resolution coming along?  It's March - so for many of us, the resolution have long been swept under the rug, right?

Well - there's always next year right?  ha.

For me - one of my goals this year was to be more organized and plan better ahead so that my weeks didn't seem so scrambled and "flying by the seat of my pants."  How have I done so far?  Not great.  I'm still pretty scatter brained.  And I can't even blame it on the lack of sleep as a lot of new parents do (and rightfully can!) - but Clara is an awesome sleeper!  I usually get 12-13hrs out of her each night.  So, if I'm tired, it's my own fault.

So - in efforts to try to hold myself accountable - I'm starting a new series on my blog to (hopefully) keep running each week.  I'm calling it the "Weekly Game Plan:"

I'm hoping to actually post the weekly game plan on Sundays, but - I'm starting off strong with already being late -haha :)  Hopefully the game plan will be a fun way for you to preview what to expect on the blog in the coming week.  Perhaps it might help you plan YOUR classroom game plan for the week :)

So here we go:  the game plan for the week of 3/9

{Can't say too much about this yet - it's in the planning stages!}

And of course there will be another round of Throw Back Thursday and Friday Faves!

What are your big plans for the week?