Using a Fly Swatter for Games!

Fact #1:  Kids like to move! 
Fact #2:  Kids LOVE a good competition. 
Since these two statements are true, how about I share a fun way to get kids moving and sharing in a little friendly competition?
Have you used a fly swatter in your classroom yet?  If not, you should.  It's an easy way to give students permission to hit things {in a good way, of course!}.

What a fabulous idea from Nicole at Flipping for Firth Grade Blog.   She created this "keyboard" {modeled after a real keyboard arrangement} out of a shower curtain, sharpie, a letter stickers.  Students get to practice finding each letters on the keyboard AND practice spelling words by slapping the right letters on their keyboard.  Love!

A sight word is read, a sight word is slapped!  That's the gist with this fun game idea from the blog, You Clever Monkey.  Seems like a winning game to me.  Students race to be the first person to slap the called out word.  I can totally see this being used for math, too, and have students slap the correct answer to a math problem given.

Which team gets to answer the next question in your review game?  Well, I don't know - let's see who can race to the board and slap it first?  The winner gets to answer the next question and possibly score a point for their team.

Here's a quick DIY swatting board that you can use over and over.  Make the swatting board like shown above {left} with large construction circles glued to it and then laminate it.  Then, throughout the year fill in the circles with your desired skill using a vis-a-vis marker that can be easily wiped away - and POOF- make a new game!

See - now don't you want to go out an buy a class set of fly swatters for your classroom?  

How have you used a fly swatter with your kiddos?