Friday Faves :: 3/20 {Happy First Weekend of Spring!}

I love the start of the weekend, don't you!?  Friday night in particular because you know you still have two whole days left in your weekend!  It was a busy week, although I don't actually feel like I've accomplished much.  Some weeks are just like that, ya know?

Well, in true Friday fashion, it's time to share some of my favorites pins, photos, ideas, and funnies from the week.  Shall we get started?

First up:  this hilarious video.  I've seen it before, but totally forgot out it until it resurfaced on Facebook again.  I showed it to my husband and he laughed, thinking it was a joke (and it kinda is) but I can remember many-a-days where I felt like this was my life:
{I won't tell you how long I spent browsing through the other videos on this YouTube channel.}

And then there's this video, on a more serious level {...I'm just realizing now how much time I spent on YouTube this week, oops}:

And then there's this adorable idea!  Of course, the possibilities are endless, any math operation, vocabulary words...endless!

We all know about the pencil and paper clip trick to make a spinner, but here's a more permanent solution to make customized spinners for your classroom game from Bonnie Kathryn: Kinders and Beyond:

Simple.  Love.  Could this be an easy independent math center?

And a little photo collage of Clara's birthday party this weekend. Let's just say she was NOT shy with the cake and acted as though I had been giving it to her all long {I have not :)}.

Oh yeah - it's the first day of spring!  {Yay!}  I feel like breaking out the flip flops!  And, I'm going to celebrate with a "Spring Savings" sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  This weekend only!