Friday Faves :: 3/27

Wahoo!  Friday, I've missed you.  Since this coming week is the week before Easter, I thought I'd feature some fun Easter-themed ideas and tips that I found this week.

How cute are these little bunny juice boxes?  They'd be great for a fun Friday snack this coming week!

This center game is perfect for this week!  You can even get the recording sheet for free here.

Check out TONS of ideas for using plastic eggs {are you sensing a themed yet?) from the Fun in First blog.  There's something for every grade level!  I especially love the "What's in My Egg" idea that you can snag for free.  Check it out!

Or how about a graphing activity? {another freebie!}:

This next activity has a lot of potential.  As shown, it's just for matching the number of bird feathers (clothes pins) to the right bird, which would be great for little kiddos.  But to make it appropriate for older kiddos, why not put multiplication products on the bird and then write the multiplication problem on the clothes pins for students to match up?

And finally - I LOVE how many people have linked up to my Spring Linky Party from earlier this week.  There are a lot of great resources there, as well!  Head over and check it out!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!