Hello to March and St. Patrick's Day Freebies!

March has arrived.  And just the sound of it makes you have hope for spring.  I tell ya what - this girl is DONE with winter.  I don't usually complain about winter {that much....}- but I think that having a baby to cart around everywhere in the snow adds a whole new level of irritation.  

Well - we will get through, and *I* will try to help you get through the month of March with some fun St. Patrick's Day activities!

I have a couple freebie games that I've made that you might find helpful to use over the next couple of weeks!

{click on any pic to download for free} 

The first one is a game that you can customize for any skill:

Add your own questions to these blank cards:

Next up is an easy math center:

Students pick a card, roll the die and use the number card to complete the math sentence that correlates with the die.  So, for example, if the player rolls a 1 and picks the card with 65 on it, the player will multiply 65x5 + 4

This game is great for practicing multi-step math problems.

Feel free to grab one or both games!
And, if you haven't already, check out this post on an easy DIY math center game you can make with a St. Patty's twist!

If you need even more, check out my 

Have a fabulous start to the week!