Throw Back Thursday {Golden Math}


How's the week wrapping up?  I know many of you are on break - so maybe you've got a little time on your hands for a little craft project.  I've got a relatively easy one for you that I've pulled from the shelf of past posts for today's Throw Back Thursday:

It's a fun math center that you can play as we near St. Patrick's Day.

I called it "Golden Math" and I played with my students when we were talking about multiplication and division fact families.

You will need:  Large poster paper or butcher paper, Velcro strips, black and yellow construction paper for creating the pot and coins.

Decide how many "pots" you want your students to work with.  On each pot you will be putting a number that belongs to a fact family, such as 5 (the other numbers of the fact family will be on the gold coin, such as 40 and 8)

A completed mat would look like this before students match the coins to the correct pot.

Place all the coins in an envelop or a plastic baggie and place the mat and the coins at a math center.

Once students have placed all the coins over the correct pot, the mat is complete:

This game can also be made for addition and subtraction fact families.

Seems easy enough, right?

Have a great rest of the day!

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