Throw Back Thursday {Binder Clips Moving Pieces}

Time for another edition of Throw Back Thursday!

I came across this idea a couple years ago and have used it several times since in different blog posts!  I wish I would have know about this idea when I was teaching.  It's such a fun way to customize the board games your students play.

All you need are some mini binder clips and some picture cards like these:

Feel free to download mine for free here , or make your own using pictures that match the type of game you want your kiddos to play.

OK, now - do you have about 2 minutes?  Because that's all you'll need to get these set up:

Ta-da!  Easy-Peasy.

I also made these Christmas themed ones last year.  You won't be able to use them now, obviously - but you can tuck them away for December.

Hope these cutie moving pieces find their way into your classroom sometime soon!