Friday Favorites :: 2/6

Wahoo - we made it to another Friday.  I've been burning the midnight oil this week (it's currently 1 am as I post this...) as well as getting up early to try to get work done.  Some days a certain 10 month old doesn't give me very much time to do anything.

So - I had to resort to some over-time.
But it paid off, because I finally, finally, FINALLY finished my Colonial America unit.  I truly pour my heart and soul into every unit I do, and this one wasn't any different.  I really love how it came out!  Take a peak:

Check out the full details on TpT.
As a fun review for the unit, I made this board game where students "tour" a colonial village as they answer different questions about colonial life:

 I think the kids will love playing!

Here are a few other Friday faves from the week:

This fun way to keep dice from flying across the room:

This list of great Valentine's Day games to play online!  Kudos to the "Technology Rocks Seriously" Blog

And - oh my goodness - have you heard of the Teacher Tipster?  He has FABULOUS ideas - just like this adorable video on 3-D shapes:

Have a great, great, great weekend!