Plant Game {Freebie!!!}

Hi guys!
It's ridiculously cold today!  Although we didn't get the snow that some folks in the northeast got, we definitely got the cold!  Luckily the bright sun is a reminder that spring will come :)
Thinking of spring makes me think of fresh flowers.  Last summer we put in a new flower bed and I can't wait to put more flowers in this year.  I know - with a fresh coat of snow on the ground, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. :)
I know I'm not the only one thinking plants and flowers - based on my recent sales on TpT - I've noticed that I've been selling a lot of my Plant Unit, which means many of your are teaching plants in science.
I wanted to draw your attention to a free game available under my "Science Game" tab.

It's a fun review game where students revisit some important concepts about plants.  Each time they get a question right, they add a stage to their plant life cycle wheel.  The first student to complete their plant life cycle wins the game.

Here are some sample questions:

The download includes a full set of student directions and an answer key.  It is also available in black and white.  Find it here.

Not teaching plants now?  No worries - the game will always be available in my Science Games tab.

If you'd like to check out the whole plant unit, click the picture below.  Let me know if you give the game a try!

Have a great Thursday!