Groundhog Day Activities {Plus a Freebie!}

Hi Friends!  Happy Saturday!
Can you believe it's the last day of January?  Crazy, Crazy!  Anyone still having a hard time writing 2015 instead of 2014 still, like me?  Since I don't teach anymore, I rarely write the date, so I have to remind myself.

You know what I totally forgot Monday was?  Groundhog Day!  It kinda sneaked up on me.

If you're like me, and forgot, then you might want to check out this free SMARTBoard game that you can customize to meet any curriculum needs quickly without much prep time!

There are 3 games set up for you on each slide:

Have students practice sorting with the first game:

Students match the correct answer to the correct math problem in the second game:

 And finally, the third game has students unscrambling words.  I've already set up the game with 6 Groundhog Day themed words, but you could certainly change them.

It's all yours - just snag them here!

In addition - check out my other Groundhog Day Packet that include math and literacy activities.  Here's a sneak peak:

You can see all the details here.

Finally - tomorrow's the big game (duh!) - if you still want to keep the excitement going into Monday morning - don't forget to check out this post with some free football-themed games!
Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!