SMARTBoard Games in a SNAP!

If you asked me what resource I had in my classroom that I couldn't live without, I without a doubt would say:  My SMARTBoard.  

I only had a SMARTBoard for one year before I stopped teaching full time, but boy, the thought of going back to pre-SB days made me shudder!

My students and I used the SB all day every day.  And if you have bought any of my units on TpT, then you know that the SB plays a very important part in the daily lesson plans.

There is soooo much you can do on a SB, and having worked with it in my classroom only a year, I only scratched the surface.  But, having still used the software to develop units, I've been able to learn quite a tips on how to use the SB in your classroom.  And one great way:  GAMES!

I have eight video tutorials that you can use to help you create games on your SB (they are great for anyone who might be new to SB!)

Grab a snack and sit back and watch these easy tutorials:
{Feel free to pin this post if you don't have time to watch them all now!}

Do you have a SMARTBoard?  How do you use it in your classroom?