Weekly Game Plan :: 3/29

 It's gonna be April this week!  I wish I could say that the flowers are starting to pop up, but instead mother nature decided to give us some more snow this weekend.  

The teachers around here are on spring break, but I know many of you have already had yours.  Hopefully you're planning lots of fun spring-y things to do this week.  Maybe a few Easter activities have made it into your plan book?  

Here are my blogging and product plans for the week:
 I can't wait to share with you this super high-energy game we are playing in Sunday School today!  I'm gonna tell you how you can adapt it to your classroom for any skill or topic! {PS - I promise this is the last egg game I'll share this year :)}

Still pluggin' away at my Because of Winn-Dixie novel unit.  I wish I could say I made huge progress last week, but that would be lying.  I don't like to lie :)  Side note:  isn't that clip art adorable? It's by Educlips - love her work!

#3?  Let's see if I can get through #1 and #2 first.  But I do have have this cute clip art that I just snagged for free from Krista Wallden during her Spring Palooza celebration that I've put on the back burner.  I'm thinking maybe a cute writing center activity?  Got any other ideas?

How are your weekly plans shaping up?  Here's to a good week ahead!