Friday Faves :: 3/6

Hi everyone!

Hope your getting geared up for a great weekend.  Here are some of my favorite finds from this past week:

Friends, you MUST get to Target ASAP.  The dollar bin is faaaaabulous.  I went in there with no intention of buying anything from the bins, but then a little tiny voice named Burlap called my name.  LOOK what I found!

I love two things about this idea I saw on Pinterest.  #1 -the game is adorable (tossing little pom-poms into a muffin tin - adorbs) and #2 the way this teacher displayed the directions on a little stand up clip-y thing.  Perfect!

I love a memory game as much of the next guy, but we all know that when kids play, they often don't make the most out of the game.  This article is a great read to help make playing memory more meaningful!

And just so you know what goes on while I'll try to blog and work each day - this picture pretty much sums it up:

Enjoy the start of your weekend!