Friday Faves :: 2/27

I can't believe this is the last Friday of the month already!
March - here we come!

Did you find anything great during the TpT Teachers Are Heroes sale?  Hope so!

I've got a few favorites to share with you that landed on my "computer" doorstep this week:

A little sight word action.  I like how this game requires students to work with coordinates (throw in a little math action in there...).  Easy to make too. {The link on pinterest doesn't take to a blog with directions, but what I can gather from the picture, a student rolls a regular dice, and then a second dice that has each side marked with a letter sticker (a-f).  Students roll each dice and then use the coordinates to find the sight word.  So for example, if they roll a 4 and the letter c, using the chart, they would cross off the word "out."  I like it!}

Or how about this awesome idea for getting students up and moving while learning about telling time!

A new use for that old scrabble game sitting in the basement (does anyone play scrabble anymore?? - I'm a terrible spelling, so I was never good at it!)

And finally - these really cool anchor charts for teaching synonyms and antonyms.  I came across this pin when researching ideas for the new synonym and antonym puzzles I just posted on TpT.

  Hope you have a great weekend.  We have some out of town family visiting, so we will be busy!  Have a great one!