Friday Faves :: 2/20

Look what I woke up to this morning:

Oh, no - not that - oops - this one:
Yikes.  What a cold morning. (currently -2 here - WITHOUT the windchill)

Raise your hand if you need a vacation somewhere warm.


I guess I can just spend some time Googling images of "tropical places" - 

In the meantime, here are some Friday Faves:

If only.... watch this video and laugh.

You should totally do this next time your kiddos read independently.

I love me a good upcycle craft.  This one is great (and cheap!)

This list of 19 DIY games and crafts every elementary teacher should do. (#3,6 and 8 are my faves!)

And finally - with Easter not too far off in the distance (and with Easter will come Spring- YAY!)  - this would make a great math center!

That's all I got for you, my friends - unless you want to see more of this:


Back to reality - carry on....