Crack the Code! {FREEBIE!}

Happy April!  Tomorrow is even going to be in the 60s!  Yay!

So, yesterday I shared with you a fun review game that I played with the kids in my Sunday school class called "Grab-an-Egg." They loved it and the game can be adapted for the classroom in so many ways, so make sure you go check out that post if you haven't already.

Our Sunday school kids are known as the "S.P.Y. {Spirit Powered Youth) Kids" so I often like to play the secret code game with them as a fun way to introduce them to the topic of the day.  And in addition to the egg game we played, I started our lesson with this secret code activity:

Students had to use the secret code alphabet in order to "crack" the secret Bible verse: "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.  Hosanna in the highest heaven."  I had students race to see who could crack the code first.  

I thought I'd create a blank template that you could use to create your own secret code to use for any topic:

The file is in PowerPoint so that you can add text boxes and type right into the document and edit as needed.  Make as many codes as you want :)  You will be able to copy and paste each little letter picture and arrange them into a secret code:

Simple and fun!  Just an easy way to switch things up in your classroom.  Perfect for introducing a new topic!

Find the editable file freebie here.  Hope you can use it!

Now just for fun:  Can you crack THIS code: