Throw Back Thursday {Test Prep Scoot!}

Hi!  Guess what?  It's going to be 66 today and I am super happy. The sunshine cures every bad mood, doesn't it?  I love it.  And - did you solve this secret code (and grab the freebie that went with it) from yesterday's post?
Secret Code:  "Tomorrow is my birthday" - which means TODAY is my birthday.  Yay!  I am 31 today.  Last year, Clara was 3 weeks old on my 30th birthday and I was so sleep deprived that I barely remember it.  I feel like I should get a do-over.  {sigh}
Wow- I look tired.  No make-up mama.

Look how little!  (said in a high squeeky voice) Wow!

Anyways - I will be enjoying a nice lunch with a friend today and maybe take the pup for a walk since the weather is gorgeous.  Other than that, it's business as usual.

Now onto today's business.  Throw back Thursday.  Are you test prepping in your classroom?  I hated test prep, as I'm sure you do. But here at the Classroom Game Nook, we try to make even the most dreaded tasks fun.  

I blogged about this a couple years ago - but since then we all know about the train wreck that is common core, so I had to update this idea a bit.  

Here's the scoop:  Instead of boring test prep, why not throw in a game of SCOOT to spice things up a bit.

First off, you will need some sample common core test question.  I was able to get mine from Engage NY, and I am sure other states have similar CCSS resources.

First, I copied and printed off the sample CCSS questions:

I only did 3 questions.  Clara's not quite ready for test prep (hehe) so I didn't want to waste my printer ink.  You get the idea.  You will need as many questions as you have student.

Then, I cut apart each question and numbered them.

You now have your scoot cards.  Provide your kiddos with a recording sheet and one scoot card to start.  Give them about 1-3 minutes to solve the problem and record the answer on their recording sheet.  So if a student starts with card 3, they will record their answer next to #3 on their recording sheet.  After time is up, students quickly pass their card to the next student and receive a new card to answer.  Continue until students have answered all scoot card questions.

Go over and review and see how your students did!  Easy enough, right?

How do you test prep in your classroom?