Weekly Game Plan :: 4/6

Hi!  How was your Easter?  It was cold around here, but we still had a great holiday!

Due to the holiday, I'm a day behind on my weekly game plan post and I'm gonna be honest ya'll - I'm not really sure what's on the "game plan" for this week.  I have a LOT to do, (as always), but I also have a lot of extra random things going on this week that will take up a lot of my time.  

Here are some things that I'd like to get to this week:

I started this series last month where I post 10 pictures on the 10th of the month.  I always like seeing a glimpse into the life of some of my favorite bloggers, so I thought it would be fun to share ten pictures that give you a peak into daily life here at the Classroom Game Nook!

I actually did have a couple good work sessions last week for pluggin' away on my Because of Winn-Dixie novel unit.  I'll be continuing again this week (and for several weeks to come!) What skills do you like to cover in a novel unit?  So far I've covered genre, theme, and character description.  Any other topics/skills you'd like to see covered?

I can't say too much about it yet - but there is something SUPER exciting in the works in blog world.  I'll just say that it involves about 50 bloggers and a whole lot of freebies and fun!  I'm giddy with anticipation, but you'll have to wait until May :)  But be prepared for bigger and better things!  I'll be here in top secret in preparation for the big event!

What's in the game plan for you this week?