Throw Back Thursday {Hershey Kiss Match}

This post is the answer to all your chocolate loving dreams.
It's about this time of year (Valentine's time) that EVERYTHING becomes chocolate covered.  The problem is, you feel guilty buying a huge bag of chocolate for yourself.

Answer:  Have your husband buy it and "use" it in your classroom and devour the rest :)  Problem solve.

Here's a fun post I found back on the ol' blog to share with you for TBT.

A quick little matching game you can make for any concept:
On the sticker dots write what you want your students to match up, such as equivalent fraction (you would write one fraction on one sticker and its match on the other sticker)

Make as many matches as you think your students could handle.

Students take turns choosing two kisses to see if they are a match.  If they are, they keep them.  If not, the kisses get turned back upside down for the next turn.

{Above are some suggestions of other skills this game would work for.}

Here's a quick recording sheet you can use to help keep track of your kiddos:

Bonus:  When your students are done playing the game - you get to stash the chocolate in your candy drawer.  Boom!  It's a win-win :)

Have a great day everyone!