A Sale and A New Game!

Hey Friends!  

I literally have like 10 minutes to pop in and say hi!  It's a busy week here as I am baby-sitting my niece and nephews (in addition to my own little baby-cakes) today and tomorrow.  So - I'm gonna make this quick.

First off - a reminder that the TpT "Teachers are Heroes" sale is going on NOW!  You can get 28% off at my store when you enter int he PROMO CODE: HEROES.  So don't miss out!

I also just posted a new game (in addition to these 4 games I posted last week).

This one is for synonyms and antonyms.  Take a look:
And - as I try to do for most of my games, this game is also provided in black and white.  This game is a great vocabulary builder as I tried to choose antonyms and synonyms that might not be the most common.  Students may need to have to look up the words in the dictionary - bonus skill practice!

Want it for free?  Make a comment about a game your students love to play in your classroom and I'll choose someone to win this game for free!

Looking for more?  Here's a freebie synonym game you might also want to try out.

Ok - gotta run!  Happy shopping!  Hope you find some great deals from your favorite sellers!