One Quick Way to Spark Creativity in Your Students' Writing

You're in the middle of your writing block during the day and students are sitting at their desks (maybe on the floor or in bean bags dispersed throughout the room) writing.  Smoke is coming out of their pencils.  They are writing epic stories about dragons, or spaceships -- or something equally as epic.

This is your classroom every day, right?


"I don't know what to write about!" (now that's more like it!)

At least that's what *I* used to hear a lot.  Well, no more.  Give even those most reluctant writers something to talk about with "Roll and Write."

You can make anything work if you turn it into a game, right?

Here's how it works.  You give each student a copy of the page below to place in their writer's folders. When they are stuck on what to write about, they simply roll a die three times.  The first roll indicates the setting of their story (so if I roll a 3, my setting is a party on Friday night).  The second roll gives them a character, and the third roll gives them a plot.
The stories can turn out pretty hilarious.  It encourages creativity and originality.  No three rolls are the same.

This freebie even includes a blank 'Roll and Write' sheet for you to swap out new combos every so often.
Even that student that hates writing can get on board with a story about a frazzled teacher at the beach last summer that breaks her ankle.

Oh shoot - did I just jinx you?  I wish you no harm, a teacher needs her summer! :)

Grab your freebie here!  I'd love to hear about the stories your students come up with!

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