Introducing the Newest Member to the Family...

Drum roll please...

This is exciting stuff.  I have been planning this for quite some time and now it's official!  The Classroom Game Nook is a big sister!  On April 1st at, oh let's say, about 6am - The Classroom Nook, my new blog, officially opened its doors.

Why a new blog?
Why not?  I mean, I had sooooo much time on my hands that I needed a new hobby (lie).  No, but really, why?  Well, because as much as I love classroom games, I've known for a while now that I wanted to expand my conversation beyond the classroom games niche to include everything teacher-related.  I found that I had so much more I wanted to share, so many more tips and strategies, so many more resources for teachers, but felt like The Classroom GAME Nook wasn't the place.  So - I fixed it.  I created The Classroom Nook so that I could take it to the next level, a step further.  And boy do I have some goodies lined up for you.  But - more on that later. :)

But wait - what about the Classroom Game Nook?
What about it?  It ain't going nowhere!  (I know, terrible grammar, please excuse...) You've still got all my game resources in the archives found in the top navigation bar.  I'll still be poppin' in to share the latest and greatest in classroom games. I'm still your classroom game girl.  I'm just expanding my horizons.  And I think you're gonna like these new horizons as much as I do!  The Classroom Nook is gonna be your place for classroom conversations, talking about things that matter to you and your students.

So what should I do now?
Well, first off, if you haven't already, hop over to the new blog and check out my new turf.  Wander around and see what you find.  When you're over there, be sure to check out my new "Stop Lecturing, Start Connecting" free guide.  It's a PDF that I put together to inspire you with 3 amazing teaching strategies that I used with my students that got some pretty amazing results in their learning.
When you download it, you'll also be able to join my weekly classroom conversation via email where we'll take our chat off the blog and into your inbox for more exclusive content.  It's going to be pretty awesome.  So, without further delay - get going - the party has already started!  Check out The Classroom Nook!