8 games to practice prefixes and suffixes

So - you may have heard by now that The Classroom Game Nook is a big sister - right?  If not, head over to this post and check out all the details.

The Classroom Nook is about to celebrate her one month anniversary of going live.  In addition, you may have also noticed I changed the name of my TpT store to The Classroom Nook as well.  It just makes sense to have a unified name throughout everything.

So with that, in this past month, I've been hard at work ("like burning the candle at both ends" kinda work) trying to switch everything over to "The Classroom Nook" name - and that includes all of the products in my store.  With over 200 product (and counting) you can imagine the undertaking that this was (and still is...not done yet!).

In doing all this, I have been finding that several of my products were in need of a little TLC - so I've given many of my products a bit of a face lift.  Some of them reeeeelly needed it.

My prefix and suffix "Create-a-Word" and "Match-Up" game series were part of that sprucing up.

If you've already purchased these, then head over to you "My Products" section on TpT and download the new look.  Here's a peak at their new look!

My Create-a-Word Series is a set of 4 games (sold as a bundle or separately) where students get practice in understanding how a prefix or suffix can change the meaning of a base work.

Each game comes with a game board, a spinner, and a recording sheet.  Click on the links below to see more details about each.
Game 1: Prefix (run, un, dis)
Game 2: Prefix (pre, mis, over)
Game 3: Suffix (ly, less, ful)
Game 4: Suffix (ment, able, ion)

You can also buy the bundle and get all 4 games for less than the price of 3:

The next prefix and suffix series is a set of match-up games for the same prefixes and suffixes as mentioned above:

Each game comes with 30-40 cards (depending on the game) and a recording sheet.  Click on the links below to see more details about each.
Game 1: Prefix (run, un, dis)
Game 2: Prefix (pre, mis, over)
Game 3: Suffix (ly, less, ful)
Game 4: Suffix (ment, able, ion)

I also provide these four games as a bundle:

Here's to more spring cleaning!