Spin it...Spin it Good :)

I'm happy it's Friday.  You?

It's felt like a long week of trying to accomplish lots of little random things.  I started a new classroom décor theme set (available soon!):   A SUPERhero Classroom!  I just couldn't help myself when I found this and this during the TpT teacher appreciation sale.  What classroom theme (if you do a theme) do you have in your classroom?  I'm looking for more suggestions on what other themes I should make this summer.

Moving on - I found this cute math game in the archives that I wanted to bring to your attention.  Perfect for the end of the year as you review (or frantically try to finish - hehe)!

Students spin (using a pencil and paper clip) and solve different math problems.  For example, if using the 50 spinner, a student spins and lands on +20, he/she solves 50+20.
There are even blank circles if you want to make your own spinners!  Could it BE more easy?  Nope.  It couldn't.  Just download, print, and play, then call it a day :)
You're welcome.
If you don't need it now, no worries, it will always be available in my "Math Games" archives under any of the 4 operations headers.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone.