Teacher Appreciation Week {Day 4}

Hi!!!  Happy Thursday!  I hope that you got some amazing deals during the TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale.  Just to keep the party going, I'm extending the sale at my store for one more day.  So, if there is something you still have your eye on, you can still get it for 20% off.

The party is DEFINITELY still going on here with day 4 of freebies for CGN readers.  Here's your exclusive freebie:

{This freebie offer has expired, but can be found as part of my measurement conversions unit, available here}
It's a fun partner game where students try to be the first player to fill their gallon bucket with the bucket cards.  The game provides a great visual for students to see how many cups, pints, and quarts are in a gallon.  This game has NEVER been offered as a freebie before and will most likely never be offered again - so grab it now for a limited time (noon today till noon tomorrow). 

This game is part of my Measurement Conversions unit which includes this game as well as many others.


Tomorrow's the last freebie day!  What would YOU like to see as the last freebie?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below and you just might see what you want :)