FREEBIE Updated Science Game - Grab Yours Now :)

Tell me if this sounds like you.

The weather starts to get warmer (or you have those random warmer days toward the end of the winter - like we're having today in Western NY) and you get the urge to de-clutter, clean, and get organized.

I certainly am feeling that way and I'm working on cleaning up some of my old products.  I tend to do this once a year.  I sweep out the looks of some older products and give them a bit of a spring make-over.

I just finished redoing one of my bigger units, actually my #1 seller for a couple years now- My Sun, Earth, and Moon unit.

There's a simple sorting game that I include in the unit (which has been listed in my science game archives all along).  It helps students to identify the difference between rotation and revolution, which can be a tricky concept.

I offerthis game as a freebie as a sample from the whole unit.  Here's a peek at the new look:

 Sorting mat:

There are several cards with different statements.  Students read each statement and decide if it is referring to the rotation of the earth or the revolution of the earth around the sun.  Students place the card on the correct sorting mat.

A recording sheet is provided for easy-peasy assessment!

You'll also find an answer key for students to check their answers.

If you've already downloaded this game, or if you're just seeing this for the first time and want at it, get the latest version here:

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Bye for now :)

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