5 Pinterest Boards You Should Be Following For Math Game Ideas

I'm just gonna be super honest with you for a sec, OK?

I hate math.  I've said it before, so this isn't shocking news, but I just wanted to say it again.

Why do I hate it?  Because it was always hard for me.  However, because math was always (and let's be even more honest, still is) hard for me, I always had a soft spot in my heart for my students that struggled in math as well.

I always knew that I could ease the pain a bit with those students who struggled with math by making it fun with games, and hopefully help them to make connections.

However, when I was teaching, Pinterest didn't exist (or at least wasn't the teacher go-to tool that it is today).  Boy if it was, my teaching (and, well, everything else in my life) would have looked a LOT differently.

Luckily, Pinterest IS around today, so I thought I'd save you some time by finding my top five picks for Pinterest boards devoted to math games!  I also found some really great home decor ideas a long the way (can't help myself :) )

I really especially love this pin.

 This pin and this pin were my faves.

This pin caught my eye.

This pin has an easy, free printable!

Be sure to check out this pin, this pin, and this pin from this board.

Happy pinning!

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