Buy the Bundle, Save a Bundle!

Hey!  Happy Tuesday!  I'm so glad to hear all the positive feedback for Week Two's "Summertime, Game Time" Surprise freebie last Friday.

I had such a nice weekend up in the Adirondacks.  The weather was kind of blah, but it was still a great time with friends.  Hope your holiday weekend was spectacular, as well!

The holiday is over with, however, and it's back to the daily grind. :)  And I got up early this morning to work on a little project for anyone looking to prep, plan, and SAVE this summer!

I am excited to let everyone know that many of my units are now available in a discounted bundle pack to save you money!  If you've used my units before, then you know how jam-packed they are with lessons, student activities, bulletin board sets, SMARTBoard/PowerPoint Anchor slides and more - and this bundle deal is more of the same - just cheaper!

Currently, I have the following bundles that you might be interested in:
This unit combines my Teaching Non-Fiction Reading and Teaching Non-Fiction Writing, two units that work perfectly to be taught at the same time.  Save $8.00 when you buy the bundle.

Want to incorporate reader's and writer's workshop this year, but not sure how to get started?  These two units are all you need for the first MONTH of school to introduce your students to the routines and procedures of the workshop model.  Save $8.00 when you buy the bundle.

Some of my best sellers are included in this set!   This bundle include all FOUR of my science units currently available in my store.  You'll receive my "Sun, Earth, Moon" unit, my "Measuring Matter" unit, my "Force and Motion" unit, and my "Plants" unit.  You save $16.00 by purchasing the bundle!!!!  It's basically a "buy 3, get one free" deal!

This final bundle set includes all of my social studies units including "Native Americans," "Early European Explorers," "Colonial America," and "The American Revolution" AND - Coming Soon:  "The Civil War and Reconstruction" I have had MANY requests for this unit and will be working on it soon.  Once it's completed, I will be adding it to this bundle and those of you who have purchased it will be able to download it at no extra charge!  That will be 5 units for the price of 3!  Holy Cannoli!  You save $16.00 when you buy the bundle now (and make that $32.00 once I add the civil war unit!)

We're talking MONTHS of work already done for you!  Take a peek at any of the bundles by clicking any of the pictures above!

Have a top-notch day!