Summer Time, Game Time {WEEK 2}

It's Friday!  Woot, woot!  I'm heading out to the Adirondacks this weekend with some friends for the holiday weekend.  Oh, and did I mention we will be without child!?  My in-laws are watching Clara for the weekend and I could NOT be more excited for a little adult-only time!  We hope to catch some fireworks, enjoy the gorgeous scenery, and taste some good wine!  My kind of weekend!

Do you have any great 4th of July plans (other than download Week 2s "Summertime, Game Time"  Surprise Freebie, of course :) )??

Speaking of which....  Here it is!  I got SUCH great feedback from last week's surprise game, so I hope you grabbed that one!  I'm lovin' this week's game, and I hope you do, too!

Go ahead and head over to TpT and open your surprise :) {Click the pic to get it!}

Oh yeah, and for all you special CGN readers - here's your extra little goodie (a blog reader exclusive)! As I said last week, you may want to go grab your surprise freebie game first from TpT and then come back to grab your "blog reader freebie."  It will make more sense that way :)

But when you're ready, here it is:

Make sure that you actually download the file to get its full use :)

Happy 4th of July weekend!