5 Ways to Use an Estimation Jar {Plus - a chance to win a $20 AMAZON GIFT CARD!}

Need an excuse to buy a bunch of jelly beans so that you can eat them later?

How about doing an estimation jar in your classroom!

Or - in my case:  Do a post on 5 different ways to use an estimation jar in the classroom, take pictures of the jelly beans, host a fun estimation contest on Facebook, and then eat said jelly beans free of judgement :)  Sounds like a plan.

I was thinking - here I am, the author of the Classroom Game Nook, and yet we never actually play games together!  Well, that ends today.  Let's play a game together, shall we?

Here's how its gonna work:

I filled this mason jar up to the brim with these soon-to-be-in-my-mouth jelly beans.  And now, it's your turn to test your own estimation skills.

  1. Observe the two up-close pictures below to help you make an educated guess.
  2. Head over to my Facebook page and leave a comment with your estimated amount and your email.
  3. You have until Friday March 25th to get in your guess and then I'll look through all the estimations to find the person who guessed the CLOSEST AMOUNT WITHOUT GOING OVER!
  4. I'll announce the winner next week and email the winner their PRIZE :)

The person who gets the closest without going over wins a $20 Amazon gift card.  Sounds like fun, right!?

Check out these pictures to help you make your best educated guess (I mean, there is $20 on the line here, you don't want any haphazard guesses!):

Now, that we got that out of the way, let's talk about 5 unique ways to use an estimation jar in your classroom.  These ideas go beyond just having students look at the jar to make guesses.

What's your favorite way to use an estimation jar?

Don't forget to head over to Facebook to make your guess!

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