My Top Picks for New Year's Games

Can you believe it - all that planning for Christmas (both in and out of the classroom), and now it's over!?  I guess there's only one thing left to do (other than eat the leftover Christmas cookies ASAP)...

Get ready for the new year!  It wouldn't be the new year here on the Classroom Game Nook blog if we didn't have some fun games and activities lined up for that first week back at school.

Here are my top picks for games to play as you welcome your students back in 2016!

{Note:  The first two games show 2015 in the image, but have been updated by the author to be used for 2016!}

This game is great for older students.  The students simply use all 4 operations to show different ways to make 2016.  Put a timer on and see how fast students can come up with several number sentences equaling 2016!  You can download the printable here, courtesy of

The next game by itself is perfectly fine...but if you want to make it more educational for your students, add just little extra prep.
As written, students roll the printable die (shown above).  They then cover up the number they land on.  The first student to cover up every digit in the year wins.  However, make this game fit your classroom needs by prepping some question cards.  The cards can be for any skill and any content area.  Students first pick a card and answer the question.  If they get the question right, THEN they get to roll the die.  If not, the card is put back into the pile to be answered by another student.  Provide your students with an answer key for easy checking!  You can find the printable here.

The last two are my own games that you can snag for free!  The both make great games for the first week back.  Take a peak:

The first one is a "New Year's SCOOT."  The SCOOT cards ask questions about their goals for the new year and reflections of the year just past.  There are also a few educational ones thrown in there as well.

Grab your free copy here.

The second game is ideal for small groups.  Print off and assemble one die per small group and allow students to reflect on their goals for the new year.  There is a different prompt on each side of the die.

This die is available right here on the blog!

And if that isn't enough for you - you can find even more math and literacy centers and activities with this New Year's themed pack available in my store.

You can even snag a free door display just by checking out the product preview.

Enjoy everyone and relax on your week off!