Four {FREE!} Thanksgiving Games + a "Thanksgiving in a SNAP" Planning Guide!

You know it.  I know it.  The kids know it.  Everyone just wants to relax, have fun, and be less-stressed around the holidays.  With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, we can all feel our blood pressure rise knowing there is so much extra to fit into our schedule.  Don't let the week before Thanksgiving break stress you out.

The kids won't be focused.  Let's just accept that.  Instead, you can sneak in some extra learning while the kiddos enjoy some Thanksgiving games and activities.  Little prep for you, fun for them.  We all win.

Here are 4 (FOUR!) freebie Thanksgiving games just for you!

Pin the Feather on the Turkey (Practice for Multiple Skills)
This game has 4 math and literacy skills that will work great in small group or individual centers. For each skill there are 4 turkeys with 4 feathers per turkey.  Students have to decide which feather belongs to which turkey.

Other skills include: math operations, categorizing according to similarities, and rounding.  A blank turkey is also provided so that you can customize for any skill!

A Slice of P.I.E. (Author's Purpose)
In this game, students read up to 8 Thanksgiving passages and decide if the author's purpose was to Persuade, Inform, or Entertain.

Turkey Fractions (Identifying and Representing Fractions)
This is a great match-up game for kiddos who are just learning the basics on identifying fractions.  There are 48 cards for students to match up.  Students match up the fraction as a picture, in words, and as a number.

Character Traits
And just because this turkey clip art was sooo adorable, I had to use it again in another match-up game.  This time: character traits.  I made my example for the character Sarah Hale from the Book Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving.  Oh yeah- you can grab this FREE comprehension check to go along with the book as well!
You can download any or ALL of these games for free.  Please note that the actual games are in color.  They are shown here in black and white simply because I don't have a colored printer (maybe I should put that on the xmas list :) )  Just click on any of the above pictures to snag your free copy!

And be sure to download my "Thanksgiving in a SNAP" Planning Guide <---also free!  You'll find it loaded with clickable links for games, activities, and MORE to cover every content area!

Phew - that was a lot to get through!  Hope you find something useful!  I'd love to hear what you used in your classroom!