Are You Ready For Some Football {Games}?

Well,  football has officially taken over the TV!  Turn to any channel and it's either college for NFL teams playing.  I'm more of a "come for the chips and stay for the dip" kinda of football party watcher, but I never pass up an chance to use cute clip art to make a game with a football theme if the opportunity presents itself.  I've featured these games before, so here's a recap in case you missed it.

I've made 2 freebie games in the past that I will share with you today.   I am working on a NEW one that will be part of the CGN Newsletter that will be going out the first of November!  (Not a CGN newsletter subscriber yet?  No worries, sign up here - and get free game just for signing up!)

Here are two that you can snag today!

The first is a file-folder game for identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  The words are football themed.  Click any pic below to snag your own copy!

(the game actually comes in color - I only have a black and white printer, womp-womp...)

The next game helps to tackle - pun completely intended :)- a problem that a lot kids struggle with:  choosing the correct operation.

On this math game, students work their moving piece down the football field by correctly answering the math cards.  When the player makes a "touchdown," he or she collects a football coin.

You can download either game for free by clicking any of the pics.  Let me know if you give them a try!