DIY "Guess Who" Game

Happy Monday!  The first week back after Christmas break is over and you're back in the swing of things!  Time to start pluggin' in some new ideas into your daily routine!

Yesterday in our Sunday School class, we played a really fun (yet ridiculously simple to make) game to help review the lesson we were learning for the day.

We were learning about the 12 sons of Jacob (characters from the Bible), and I was looking for a fun way to review them, so I decided to do a little "Guess Who" game.  It's so simple friends, that I can barely even call it DIY because *I* didn't really do much accept for spend about 5 minutes on the computer creating the following two pages.

This top picture has boxes with the pictures of Jacob and his 12 sons on it (images found here). and the bottom picture has the same sized boxes, but no pictures.

I had the students cut out their picture boxes (see - so easy, I didn't even have to do the cutting!).  They then set the up 2 file folders like shown below (I paper clipped them together so that they would stay together. 
 You'll also notice I stuck an object (a bell, in my case) in between the folders to keep the top half from falling over.

The students then placed their blank box sheet on their side of the folder and placed the picture cards in any order on top of the blank boxes.  Again - notice who is doing all the work :)  Not me!

I then had a separate set of the picture cards, one set per partner group (this was in ADDITION to the cards that they cut up).  Once students set up their board placing all pictures on the box, I had each partner group pick a person from the additional picture card set and paper clip this picture in the corner on the top of the file folder.  (Ex.  The picture below shows "Levi" clipped in the corner).  This became the person that their partner would try to guess. 
Students played the game using the regular "Guess Who" rules asking their partner yes/no questions about their secret person. (ex.  Does your person have a striped belt?).  Students would remove people off their board as they eliminated who their partner's person might be.

Once a partner had won, the students could rearrange their board as they wanted to and choose a new picture card and play again.

So, how can you use this idea in your classroom?  EASY! 

Choose characters from a book, historical figures, or any other group of people your students need to review.  It would even make a great game to tuck away for now and use at the beginning of the school year by using pictures of your students and have students guess which classmate their partner has.  What a great way  for your students to get to know their classmates at the beginning of the year!!