National Talk Like a Pirate Day {Freebies and Ideas}

September 19 (this Saturday), is "National Talk Like a Pirate" Day {ARRRRGH!}.  My friend Michele has a pirate-themed classroom and has always has a special day in her classroom to help celebrate it with her students.  I have gone in to help her several times and the kids get such a kick out of all the activities we do with them.  I wanted to share with your some of the games we do with her kids in case you'd like to add a little fun into your classroom this Friday (even if you don't have a pirate themed classroom)!  I've shared these activities before, but we have a lot of new readers here on CGN that I want to bring everyone up to speed!

In this file folder game, students use context clues skills to help them figure out pirate words.  Students loved learning new pirate words like "avast!" and "me hearty" and then using them with their friends for the rest of the day. Click here to get the game for free!

I love how this activity combines several skills.  Students first have to add or subtract and then use the answer to measure inches on their treasure map to find the correct pirate coin.  Each math problem tells them whether the student is to measure going north, south, east, or west from the their starting coin.  They use the letter from each coin to solve a riddle.  Click here for your free copy.

I've also created a pinterest board with an on-going collection of ideas to help spice up your Pirate celebration!

Snag an idea or two!

Have a great start to your week!