Friday Faves :: 4/17

Man oh man!  It's been a busy week!  I fell off the blogging train -big time.

We have some guests coming from out of town today. I got up early to make sure I had time to pop in and say "hi!" and wish you a happy Friday.

I came across a lot of fun things this week to share with you for this week's edition of "Friday Faves!"

You'll get a good laugh at this list of "50 Strange Things Teachers Say" - a list submitted by real teachers.  I'm pretty sure I've said my share of strange things. (I'm guilty of saying #1 and I LOVE #8 and #17)  What have you found yourself saying?

An outdoor twister board?  Don't mind if I do!  There are so many classroom games to play with twister!  Would your school let you do this on their lawn?

Easy math center!  Perfect for little kids to develop fine motor skills!

5 math games every classroom needs to play.  What a great list!

Love this vocabulary game!  Put important vocabulary words in a bag, students pick a word and spin!

This game is great for little ones practicing picture/vowel sound connections (FREEBIE GAME!):

Have a great weekend everyone!