NEW GAME: Math Mazes {What Do You Think?}

Hi!  Today is a super special day:  Clara's 1st birthday! 
YAY!  I just can't believe it's finally here!  We will be celebrating with family this weekend, but today we will just be meeting up with my hubby for lunch and enjoying a quiet day.

Hope your Wednesday morning is treating you well.
I've been working on a new product:  Math Mazes

This maze if for practicing all 4 math operations.  I'd love to know what you think.  

So, basically -  students begin at "START" by coloring in the box and solving the problem in the first box (3x4).  They color in the box that has the answer (12) and the next problem (6x4).  The students continue to color in the correct boxes as they go through the "maze."  (see completed answer key)

I made 3 different levels to make it easy to differentiate.

Level 1: (above) : 15 problems
Level 2: 18 problems
Level 3: 25 problems 

I want to make several different mazes to cover different math topics and then bundle them together so that the teacher can pull the maze out that covers a skill they are working on.

I see these working well as morning work throughout the year.   What do you think?  Would the different levels be helpful?  What other topics would you like to see?

Likes?  Dislikes?  Confusions?