Throw Back Thursday! {Make and Take Game for Types of Sentences}

Hold tight, my friends.  We are so close to the weekend!
Hopefully you've had a great week (short weeks are the best aren't they?)
So - we have a sliiiiiight problem on our hands.  My old blog address will be expiring soon.  This means that all of the old posts that I've written over the past 2+ years will disappear into the great internet abyss.  

So, here's the plan.  I've looked back at old posts and will be re-sharing some of my popular posts on "Throw Back Thursday"

Check out this easy center game you can make to have your students practice types of sentences.

All you need are: 
library pockets, a Kleenex box, and index cards
Label each pocket with a type of sentence:

Tape the packets on each side of a square Kleenex box.

Write several different kinds of sentences on index cards (or if you want to be fancy, make cute cards on the computer and print out). 

Place all of the sentence cards in the center of the Kleenex box.
Students pull out one card at time, read the sentence, and place the card in the correct pocket on the side of the box.  

Boom!  Add a recording sheet for students to record their answers and you've got yourself a center in minutes!

Of course, there are a million other ways you can use this game idea.  Anything that requires sorting can use this idea.

If you need game to practice sentences:  Head over to the literacy games tab and scroll down to the "Sentence Practice" category!

Hope you have a great rest of the day!